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Originally Posted by Altair
You could also follow a distinction between a creator god and deities in general. From a spiritual perspective there is easily room for higher, powerful beings that may carry a 'god' or 'goddess' title, something that returns also in (some) Buddhist beliefs (, but this is not the same as a ''creator God'', which is fundamental in Abrahamic religion and various Hindu beliefs.
Why I said what I did in my previous post and why I decided to post on this thread in the first place..

Please be patient and hear me out.

In the Hindu belief, the "Creator God" is called Brahma, the "Preserver God" is called Vishnu and the "Destroyer God" is called Shiva.

There really isn't a "one size fits all" as far as the Hindu pantheon is concerned, although it isn't uncommon for followers of one Deity to say that all other Deities are merely manifestations/avatars of their chosen celestial representative...but I digress.

Another name for Lord Shiva is Maha Kala or the Lord of Time...often seen dancing as Nataraja within the "cosmic clock circle" or as a fierce, terrible Deity called Kala Bhairava or "The Black Lord". In Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, particularly the Bon Tradition, Lord Shiva is worshiped as Maha Kala Bernagchen "The Black-Cloaked Time Lord" who looks for all the world like the Hindu version of Bhairava fact, they could be twins from different mothers.

As well as being known as Maha Kala, Lord Shiva is also called Maharaja Dewata...or The King of the whatever these Devas/Gods/Demigods are ..there is one who stands out, way above and beyond the rest of them as far as power and spiritual attainment is concerned.

Then we also have the Dharmapalas or the "Lords of Dharma" which are considered to be "Gods" as they came from the mind of Vairochana who is the ancient, primordial Buddha...the Buddha of Buddhas..where all Buddhas get their Buddha-hood from....aka..."GOD" is also very strange how linguistically, the word "Vairochana" is a dialectical variation of the word "Bhairava"...but that is a story for another day.
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