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Spells for friendship

I was wondering if there's a spell for obtaining friends or if it's difficult to create such spell yourself. Naturally I'm most okay with my pets, but trying to earn my living would mean I shouldn't drift away from society any further. Which is difficult to do as my only regular human contact are my parents. It's frustrating to not have any friends of same age group, should I say peers who'd help me to maintain connection to "how to survive in the society" part. And no, I'm not a criminal or sociopath, just an empathic person who has lost most faith in humanity.

As a youngster I was brainwashed to believe that I should always be good and I'd be rewarded. Go through psychological abuse at school and home, having to just forgive and forget, revenge was bad so I shouldnt do it nor get help... nobody cared. Abusers always had friends, even while they were aware of the abuse. When I was about to abuse someone out of "finally letting of frustration and mirroring that evil back", people were like "omg gasp don't do it.." but once I "saw reason" and people got away with what they had done, I still had no friends. Nobody was obliged to care about me even while I did. Seeing the same pattern repeat over 20 years in all relationships, except those abusive and pressuring ones I've left myself, I've been wondering what's wrong with me. It's unjust and totally idiotic that in this collective universe violent and abusive people, aka evil people, are allowed to have friends, but emotionally affective, honest, loyal people aren't getting any. People who'd advise me to change my intense behavior/stop being a victim (I'm about to change it you see) at this point may remain quiet, I dont want to listen to advice from anyone who doesn't care if I'm going to benefit from their advice or not (in other words, no bull**** please). Those who care about me benefitting their advice, feel free to give me a comment or a spell that works attracting real friends (also no romance or sex spells, just friendship). Those who will stay through good and bad, will not violate my boundaries and will be true. I shall give that in return too.

Normally I wouldn't resort to belief in spells but now that all else (except actually imprisoning or killing someone out of my frustration) has been tried, I shall try this. If universe doesn't grant me friends with a spell, then it's those last resorts.
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