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Originally Posted by bartholomew
Such things are very possible. From a spiritual viewpoint on a high enough plane they are technically simple to effect. The most difficult consideration is that the incoming soul must be able to sync and merge with the physical brain of the new host. Without this high degree of compatibility the reanimated body would be severely damaged and able to function only in a limited way. In the case that you cite Rampa had not yet completed his task, his reason for this incarnation, but wanted to badly. The trouble was that his body was so badly damaged it could no longer carry on. His master agreed. With his guide as an agent they searched for a compatible body. They found one and in this case the host man agreed to allow the change in return for which he was well credited. The really interesting thing in this was that Rampa wanted the new body to look like the old so in addition to simply disconnecting and reconnecting his soul he also transferred his ethereal body. This resulted in the new body gradually changing, conforming to a near copy of the old one that had been discarded. Because, as is the ethereal, so is the physical. Certainly this sort of thing will always attract critics. This time was no exception. These exchanges are exceedingly rare and very seldom talked about. The reasons for discretion should be obvious. This action was dependent upon a consensus of very high souls, beyond the master level. The reason must be extraordinary. In his book Mr. Rampa has given a true account of a true event intended for those few readers who will know.

I completely feel this is possible even under dire circumstances, as you describe, by those whose intentions are pure.

More and more, I feel that many if not most of us here right now are "walk-ins" into our own lives. Meaning, we are now in a different timeline...which means a different "parallel" reality which is almost identical but which has some historic anomalies around and since the juncture.

Most of the rarified theoreticians point to the Hadron particle supercollider (not the official name, just describing) research which has been ongoing, and they have always said that the work could theoretically (and actually) result in the collapse of our original universe...leaving our consciousness energy to merge into the nearest and most similar alternative universe....but which still contains some small amount of difference or non-overlap. As energy cannot be destroyed but only moved or transformed. Because it would be momentary or instantaneous, we cannot know for certain by any conventional means whether or not we are no longer in the place we started, but rather in one that seems nearly but not quite indentical. The most fascinating thing is that something like the supercollider can fundamentally impact everything and everyone in our universe all at once...and that's why we shifted all together, rather than just one person here or there doing their own thing.

Because we walked in to ourselves, there was no real (or relatively little) issue with syncronisation...which as Bartholomew says is by far the biggest issue.

In common parlance, this has been colloquially termed the Mandela effect. But I think there is much, much more to it. Now that we have walked in, so many of us...what does it mean? We're still us, but with another level of awareness and awakening. And BTW...over the last 15 to 20 but especially over the last 5 to 10 years...I have been able to come to terms with some very problematic past lives too, where I was repeatedly murdered and betrayed (as a man) by those I loved most, as well as coming to a sad end in an oppressive last lifetime as a woman where I was unable to make the most basic choices about my life -- all really fairly typical stuff actually. But still quite painful to me or to any of us. Forgiveness was the easier part...understanding was the more difficult, and also coping with the reality of knowing, which has its own weight.

A lot of the healing involves perspective and knowledge and understanding the situation from the vantage of those others who did me in. And I strongly feel that much of the wave of awakening, rising consciousness, and past life healing and integration is tied to the timeline "shift" or shifts that have been ongoing since at least 2008. When we were (many, many of us) given a boost in awakening by walking in and finding ourselves with a new awareness at essence, in breadth, in depth...just different to before in some foundational way.

Any thoughts on this?
I perhaps should start a different thread next, but I wanted to feel it out first on the general topic of walk-ins using a solid example -- a spiritual master who lived an earnest life, whose reputation is beyond reproach.

Peace & blessings
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