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Originally Posted by linen53
I'm reading a very good book titled The Cave of the Ancients and wanted to do some research on the author, T Lobsang Rampa who was supposed to be a student to the Tibetan lamas high in the Himalayas monasteries.

Come to find out this the person claims Tuesday Lobsang Rampa took over the body of Cyril Henry Hoskin.

Read it for yourself

Such things are very possible. From a spiritual viewpoint on a high enough plane they are technically simple to effect. The most difficult consideration is that the incoming soul must be able to sync and merge with the physical brain of the new host. Without this high degree of compatibility the reanimated body would be severely damaged and able to function only in a limited way. In the case that you cite Rampa had not yet completed his task, his reason for this incarnation, but wanted to badly. The trouble was that his body was so badly damaged it could no longer carry on. His master agreed. With his guide as an agent they searched for a compatible body. They found one and in this case the host man agreed to allow the change in return for which he was well credited. The really interesting thing in this was that Rampa wanted the new body to look like the old so in addition to simply disconnecting and reconnecting his soul he also transferred his ethereal body. This resulted in the new body gradually changing, conforming to a near copy of the old one that had been discarded. Because, as is the ethereal, so is the physical. Certainly this sort of thing will always attract critics. This time was no exception. These exchanges are exceedingly rare and very seldom talked about. The reasons for discretion should be obvious. This action was dependent upon a consensus of very high souls, beyond the master level. The reason must be extraordinary. In his book Mr. Rampa has given a true account of a true event intended for those few readers who will know.
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