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Originally Posted by yellowdragon
Well, maybe this will help. I'll just tell you a story of mine. IN the past I had a strong connection to a very famous person. I didn't think much of it because he was married and I didn't want to interrupt that. And actually, he contacted me first telepathically. I didn't know it was real at first, I didn't believe it and when I told my best friend about it, he thankfully, was supportive. I then had strange events around him that happened. I was able to predict certain outcomes that convinced my BF when I told him, because he observed the strange happenings that truly seemed impossible. So I finally believed I was indeed communicating with this person. He then wanted to meet me and I told him one way it could happen. Lets just say, it did happen and blew my mind, it seemed like a dream that the opportunity was there. But I turned it down. Later he asked me (all telepathically) why and I finally just said to him, that he's married and I don't do that sort of thing. He was mad and he stopped telepathically talking to me and I never had the "events" happen to me again. I did hear from him once recently, I could still feel him easily, we just said hi to eachother. He's married to a new wife now. I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but I thought it might help you understand. really can telepathically talk, it's not just me being crazy...
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