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Originally Posted by DontLetThemIn
Really? Can the connection be THAT strong that he can feel me dwelling on him? Because i would HATE to ruin his world tour sending him crazy lol. I have been thinking about it quite a bit.. Maybe i will stop then..
So is it any sort of possible to send out messages letting him know im here/i exist then? Honestly? I mean, if he can sense me dwelling on him then maybe he can pick up messages im sending.. right? if so, can I do it? Or should I not? I wouldnt go overboard, thats forsure

I believe it can. I'm going through a similar situation as you. My TF, if you will, is a celebrity as well. The only difference is that I've actually been acquainted to him through mutual friends.

During the time we WERE interacting I just...froze up. The connection was there from the moment I saw him and intensified the moment our eyes interlocked but instead of talking about it with him I avoided him. I thought 'Eh. He won't care. We aren't really close. We just know of eachother.'

Low and behold his friend, who works with him, ended up telling me that he was always depressed. He told me that it was MY fault he was so depressed and left it at that. I'm guessing he 'felt' my rejection and all the negative feelings I had because I just couldn't fathom the idea of feeling so connected and understanding so many things about him when we barely knew each other.

About sending messages...I regret asking about messages. I did that, I always asked for signs especially when I wanted proof that the connection didn't exist. I wanted to prove I was going crazy and move on with my life. But signs came in small, almost unnoticeable forms. Then when I denied those were signs...bigger ones came..In the form of lyrics and events even after we lost contact. These lyrics had hidden messages of things only between us two and it was in more than one of his songs. I tried to find and excuse and said "Heh. He didn't write those lyrics anyway." And though that was true...He had worked right next to the people who wrote them and all the songs were based on what he was going through in the present.

Signs can end up being scary but if he's strong he'll take them well. Just...don't scare him the way he scared me
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