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Originally Posted by NeroHector
The Answer to heaven is God's oneness. But if you are still skeptical here’s an argument for you amongst many but to me it’s the one that makes the most sense. When you about to die will you turn to one God or many. God would’nt make it so complicated and confusing. It is also a very difficult time and one can hardly think. God had made it easier to hold onto one thought and this is the name of God.

What is unity? Unity is one, right? A supreme intelligence like God knows this. Why would God want to ruin his unity? It is impossible because God isn't created, to be created, means that you are not a God. That’s why God is One.
The God of the Yews is the same as of the Christians and the Muslims, I found out so far.
Every prophet from the Quran (Holy Book of the Muslims) is also mentioned in the Bible.
So the Quran is partially a copy of the Bible.
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