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Originally Posted by Compendium
It is funny you linked that Morpheus.

I live in Florida and on a clear day you can see the shuttle launch over the guys house across the street. Last night my daughter and I went outside to let the dogs out at about quarter to 11pm and she looked east and said "Wow thats really beautiful" I go take a look and there is this Orange light bigger than even the planes in the sky. It was sitting right in the path the shuttle would take. Once we put the dogs in I dragged my husband and my son outside and showed them. It appeared to be stationary so we searched for which planets, celestial bodies, NEOs might be over there and found nothing. So we dragged out the telescope (FYI it was stationary for about an hour) we set it up and as soon as we got it into focus it moved. We spent a ton of time trying to get it in the view finder and no dice. I took a photo and it just looks like a white sparkler trail and the other photo is so faint. Not until just now think of taking video yes im dense. Truthfully though I just wanted a look through the telescope so I could get a better view.
I know this ship was bigger than the orb we saw because my phone matrixed a much larger object. My husband did see a triangular ship through the telescope it hovered for a moment and streaked off.
Now I have heard you can communicate telepathically with them so I thought "Hi we see you welcome" and I sent it love, as soon as I did that the object went totally dark and then bright again. As I was out there I looked up at the sky and just wow! I have seen several ships at a time in the past, but not like last night. I am very familiar with the sky and there were so many ships they looked like stars, but they would blink at each other. Some blinked simultaneously with others and then others would blink back.
I went back out tonight and all the magic is gone. Same normal sky very few visible stars like always. Last night though was magical. There is no visible moon tonight or last night and the sky is perfectly clear.
My guess is they were investigating what went on in Cape Canaveral it isnt everyday a country blows up a launch pad for space exploration.

I know, I sound like I got into the medicine cabinet or that I need a medicine cabinet. Im sorry.

Interesting. But, the space shuttle hasn't been operating for a number of years now.

So.. ?
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