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Originally Posted by Chrysaetos
The Zohar speaks about the different layers of the soul. I haven't found anything about twin flames, or a soul that was split. Please show passages where I can find this. Adam Kadmon is about the 'father soul' of all human souls. What we see here is a cultural belief and a creation myth of a specific time and place, where only humans are beings with a soul. And there's also the idea of a original soul. Nothing whatsoever about the split of a soul that becomes feminine and masculine.

In the ancient world, it was also very common to see rationality as a quality of the soul. But in our time, we believe rationality is a quality of the mind. That's just to show you how the time we live in shapes our beliefs.

''More closely guarded''? What's that supposed to mean? Have you read it or not?

Yeah there are many Vedic texts. You said they speak about a soul split, could you tell me the specific text where I can read about this?
I really like to see these specific texts (links, passages etc.) as eastern teachings usually speak about the existence of an individual soul (no split) or no soul.

Hinduism's teachings, mythology and so forth is all about the Indian subcontinent. It speaks about Indian people, places, animals, rivers and plants. Muslims also say God brought prophets to all the people around the world, but that's not in line with their religious beliefs at all.
Texts may speak about 'divine' masculine and feminine polarities, but that's a whole different story then the split of a soul, don't you think?


Yes, it is in the Zohar. I loaned my copy...look at D Matt's Vol 1 of Zohar on Berei****[Genesis]...this series is in English. If you wait a bit, I'll get my copy back and look it up for you. Apparently Berei**** is censored on the forum, LOL!

Yes, I have read Sufi texts in collected works of Rumi & Hafiz (and surely there are others) that speak of sister souls created together as one, as masculine and feminine souls. It's the concept of two in one. You keep focusing on term "split". Even the Zohar, which describes an emanation or creation of two souls from one, may not technically use the term "split". And you know what? It's not important to the overall concept, which remains the same whether you say 2 souls (complete) are created from one, or whether you use some other term.

There are many Tantric texts from Vedic & Buddhist traditions. It is very difficult to obtain Vajrayana tantric text in translation...I have only heard oral teachings.

For the Vedic texts, below is a link to get you started. I've read summaries and translations, so whilst you can find these just as easily, the best info is from a guru, or a master. That's how this knowledge is best transmitted in these traditions. And that's how I've received this knowledge as well.

The rituals described appear overtly sexual when lifted off the page outside the appropriate context, and as such they are often misused or misunderstood. However, a key here is that these rituals can be applied by the solo practioner or by partners, but they describe a union or partnership of the divine energies, where the ideal is the union of soul mates formed at the time of creation, which simultaneously both is and is mirroring the union occuring within one's own soul. - look for the Vedic & Tantric references.


Texts may speak about 'divine' masculine and feminine polarities, but that's a whole different story then the split of a soul, don't you think?

No that's just it...there is no contradiction, only different perspectives. Look at it from the other side, the reunification of both elements of one's soul. This reunification takes place internally on several levels but is catalysed so to speak by your connexions within and without of what we typically call our individual soul.

I will also say that all of this was of passing interest to me and it was all purely an intellectual exercise until I myself had certain experiences and a different perpective on own perspective :). I had no teacher or guru until...well, until I came to this point, LOL...nor did I feel any impetus to go this route solo, although there are many who do. The only things I have had is my own experience and a desire to know self and divine. And the amazing love I feel for a certain someone. It's very difficult to speak of something so personal, so pls. forgive the dry analytic response.

So don't be lazy Chrys, you can look them up or check them out & read them yourself...but also understand that there is a time to everything, and everything to its time. Frankly if this is not your path then it may take years or lifetimes to comprehend this in the way that we have as a result of direct experience.

LOL...and most importantly I would say, don't get hung up on whether the text says paired, created, or split...LOL...don't let semantics, and yes, this qualifies...get in the way of your own search for truth. That's the main thing :)


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