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This Venus Aries bit keeps intriguing me, as does the question "Can I really soften that energy?" Can I truly learn that lesson the article speaks of learning to blend and merge inherent qualities of vigor and action with soothing, mild love.

I am currently working on a project that I've been busy with for quite some time. It's about giving a workshop, and I had intended to give it October this year. But then October came near and I didn't feel ready for it. September was a particularly heavy month for me.
Yet a beautiful opportunity presented itself to give this workshop, and I made inquiries. Typical me, I wanted to go for it, dive in head first, do it. I mean, this had to be a sign from the Cosmos, right?
It would mean only having 2 weeks time to prepare, having to rework my workshop into a 20 minute appetizer, having promotion material, my website updated and so on and so forth.

I talked to my man about it, and he slowed me down. He said 2 weeks was really short to prepare.
At first I felt like "What do you mean? I got two whole weeks! I can do that!"
But then I realised he was right with what he was saying. I wouldn't come across as professional, not having proper promotion material and calling cards, not even have plans for the full workshop and so on. He never said I couldn't do it, but he said it'd likely be best to wait and do it another time when I was properly prepared and then be totally cool and professional.
So I canceled it, and I am glad for it. For the first time I didn't dive in head over heels.
This Venus Libra harmonizing Venus Aries seems to really work!
I am now busy with all the preparation work. Gathering material for my website, working on a logo even (!), writing texts for my blog and so on. And... I'm enjoying so so much that I'm wondering why I've never done this before? I've never realised how much fun it can be to prepare, basically to enjoy the journey.

It is also knowing myself and how I function. Understanding that I get enthused easily, then my interest goes up and down. For instance if I want to do a weekly posting on a blog, I cannot keep that commitment. I just can't force myself to come up with something when I'm not in the mood. (Is that Venus Aries too? Dunno, lol)
In any case, that's why I'm writing a lot of material now, before there is pressure to pump it out weekly. I know I will likely keep going up and down with my motivation, so I will have to make sure I cater for that. So I make sure I have plenty of material to tide me over if need be.

For the first time I'm able to see why I never succeeded at any of my endeavours. I could never be bothered to do proper preparation nor follow-up. I was just creating, then lost interest and moved on to create the next thing.
The peculiar thing is... this workshop I want to give was yet another stand-alone 'entity'. I had no real plans for what to do after I'd done that. Now that I'm setting things up properly, I'm getting plans for something bigger. Not just the one workshop, but several workshops. And possible online workshops for people who live further away. Guided meditations. What I'm busy with now is prepping for a business that can grow, not just the one workshop.
That was quite the shocking realisation! But it feels so good. I am now finally channeling all that energy into something solid as opposed to hopping from one thing to the next, not getting anywhere.

I do feel I owe this development to his harmonizing Venus Libra. The way he supports me, never judging, never telling me what I want is nonsense, won't pay off etc. etc. Then making me thing about preparing properly, telling me there's no need to rush.
Had he not reacted that way, I think I would've done that mini-workshop thing last month. And wouldn't have gotten anywhere because I hadn't set up shop, and then I'd have been utterly disappointed because it all failed (again).
What a difference it makes to have the right person and support!

Long story short, yes, I am getting more and more confident I can transform this Venus Aries rush and vigor into something lasting and more soothing.
And I'm enjoying this journey so much!!
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