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Ok thanks for your thoughts about it.

I regret somewhat that i brought this up here in a forum thread.

I sometimes make the mistake of sharing my spiritual practices due to feeling inspired. That is not so good. Like revealing your mantra is not supposed to be done.. It disturbs the sadhana.

She is not my Guru, but I have taken various courses of her online and read and heard of her for some 30 years. Loved and apprecieated for her wisdom and capacity for convey meditative energies to many students.
While steeped in the tantric tradition always updated on scientific issues and modern thought.

I have taken courses with Mark Dycscowski, christopher Wallis and others.
Sometimes the I haven't completed the material due to lack of felt inspiration. Although the knowledge of course were there in these good teachers.

But for me the Shakti hits right through with Sally Kempton's teachings.

Concepts have I read about become clear, and hit the core in me strongly, and the Shakti and bliss is there, in a palpable way in the teachings. This is shared by many others as well.

I will not go into discussion about details about some writings. But I think her writings are relevant and good, as written also by others.

* Just a note on an aspect of your post that may been misunderstood.

That same energy can show up as aggression or harshness, as in the cutting voice of the boss from hell, or as a sword of judgment directed at others or ourselves. When Lakshmi’s abundance energy moves through the prism of ego, it can show up as greed or compulsive spending, as addictions to food or sex, as vanity or enslavement to pleasure.

It isn't the excess energy that comes through as ego. Think of it as more the energy is hitting the obstructions without the depth/clarity to let go of the issue. So the energy hitting upon our obstructions comes out as anger, insecurity, etc..

Lakshmi's abundance energy written here is not about excess energy, but as an aspect of lakshmi's energy, which IS abundance, as she is a symbol of the abundance energy/shakti of the divine. Not abundance meant as excess....

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