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Originally Posted by Morpheus

"What is 'Real' ? How do you define, 'Real'?

When you think of the story in the Bible, about the "Garden of Eden", you may focus on the fruit of the tree, or the serpent... sex, or the Garden itself.

However, what it is really about, is "Desire", and appropriation of something.
To reach out, grasp, attain...

As discussed in both Buddhism and Christianity.
The above YouTube video is a short discussion on the nature of, "reality".
I enjoyed the video. I just wish something like it could be made without using the words real or illusion. It is contradictory, word wise, to say that thoughts create and then call those creations illusions. It suggests, to me anyway, a state of "being" beyond it... And that is the source of conflict for many seekers who cannot find what isn't so.
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