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Originally Posted by Starjumper7
I think there is some confusion here. Chapter one says that the name of the Tao is not the eternal name. This simply means that words and names, as well as the words used for explanations, change with time, and will be interpreted differently. However the book in general does a pretty god job of desicribing how the Tao functions.

but your in luck! I have devised the best explanation for what the Tao is, so here goes, are you ready"

Tao is the way the universe works.

You could say it is the set of operating instructions for how the universe works, which includes the known and unknown laws of physics and spirit.

It has no personality, no feelings, no desires. It appeared prior to the big bang. Tao begot one (the big bang) The one differentiated into two (matter and energy, with matter being Yin and energy being yang) The two interacted to create the ten thousand things. Out universe and everything in it.
Not bad, not bad at all. The Tao is the way the universe works. I would include include quantum mechanics, relativity, and physics yet unknown and perhaps unknowable along in there as well. However, perhaps there is a bit more inflation in my imagination as I am not so sure that it has no personality, feelings, or desires. I think that perhaps it has all conceivable personalities, feelings, and desires somewhere in there as well. As to the rest of that definition, I actually posted something along those lines myself just a few days ago, only I sort of had me doing all those things, albeit I would be following that set of operating instructions in order to do so. As to whether or not this is the best definition, I still hold that the Tao itself is ineffable and unknowable through thought, so I really can't give that statement a fair hearing as I have no standard of my own to measure against. Anyway, it seems as good as any attempt I have seen so far.
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