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You are very welcome, Siku.

My advice on staying hopeful and positive: Know that things will get better, but allow yourself to feel the pain and anger and hurt sometimes. When things are dark, you have to allow yourself to feel it is awful. But just know that it will get better, you will get through it, if you allow yourself to do so. I could no longer cry for a long time, and I was healed of that curse, and the painful feelings came up. Then I had to feel them, over time. It is difficult, but you have to feel them. That time will come.

If it's helping it's good, but these things can become a trap for negativity rather than a boon if they are not fully cleansed, and leaving energy batteries lying around can have wacky effects on you. When you are not used to it, handling "too much" is overwhelming.

Here is some of my music:

This is one of my favorites, along with others like it:
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