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Altair - This is a wonderful thread!

It seems at current humans threaten the earth's delicate ecosystem with mounds of one-use items that can't be recycled. For example: water bottles seem to me to be one of the biggest mistakes. Some companies with mineral type water in plastic bottles are catching on to waste contribution and have now made some bottled water in plastic refundable with a deposit just like soft drinks. I would like to see that across all beverages that come in plastic.

Another example: Feminine hygiene products made of plastic such as tampon applicators. I feel that replacing disposable applicators with plastic was a sad move on the industry.

Marketing and profits seem to take precedence over ecosystem sustainability and recovery. I hope that the next generations coming up have a greater sense of responsibility to the planet in that they see the urgency to stop building the landfills for greater waste dumping and oceanic pollution.
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