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Many many many people lack any understanding of what they are doing and why they are doing it, I work at a Biodynamic vineyard which means they grow grapes to make wine without any chemicals and use only natural products to speak with the cosmos, but after 8 months I have not seen anyone ever do anything about talking to spirits which inhabit the lands to decide what to do, instead they just follow a procedure from a organisation based of a mans beliefs from the other side of the world, and my work colleagues believe they are doing the right thing with their hearts because they think following these practices from a country on the other side of the world is the best thing to do for grapes/plants/animals/soil which is completely different, I know that these people have no idea when they are amazed at how I take photos of things like hawks and kingfishes and other things in nature and my timing is impeccable and when I can tell them how i knew things before they happened like a good harvest because I had a kingfisher show up the day before we picked a really good bunch of grapes just as example, but this is because i do energy working, quite often I’ll channel some energy and just leave it for anything to grab and use, and i also get a hawk which comes and sits by me when their are spirits which would like some energy channeled for some plants or animal. I also have a friendly neighborhood spirit ;) which I work with ( going on 6 months ) who I have tested and proves to be incrediblely trust worth and a all round great entity who together have made it so it can push thoughts into my mind no matter what I’m doing to alert me of things before they happen on things like go a different route and get your camera out, or there is something sitting in the next row like a bird which you can take a great photo of or there will be a item which will break very soon which you will need to stop and fix etc
Another thing which shows this issues of people not understanding what they are saying or doing is what I called borrowed wisedom, a example of this my brother will say “karma’s a ***** so watch out” when he gets ****ed of with me pointing out his bull**** lies, and then doesn’t believe me when I rely with the likes of “actually you don’t know that, my karma is something beautiful”. Best example I can give of borrowed wisedom is I used a phase of “that’s just your opinion...” which I would use when people are being nasty and disrespectful and dishonest to me and then days later when I say something honest which is true for them they just go “that’s just your opinion” and only repeat because I said it to them previously, the point I’m trying to make is people will just say what they want and use labels which make them feel better and push’s them higher on their own social status without caring about what it truely means only about how it puts them in a higher social status than someone else. People will use the term spiritual for beliefs in gods cos they see someone else use it and get viewed better than themselves and because of their current nature they will use the same labels to be included into a social group/area. but this is also a problem which deals with a lot of other things like dishonesty, people believing in everything they are told, instinctively following the crowds, desires to fit into a crowd just to name a few
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