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Thanks for your thoughts, Dather12...

I'm probably same generation as you. I am only one person so that obviously doesn't make the difference, but we can all check our consumption, we all gotta start somewhere, 1 > 0. Even if things look daunting the ''tragedy of the commons'' -TOTC- ((..where everyone thinks 'me changing don't make a difference' leads to actually no change anywhere..)) should be avoided. There's choices to make with food, with energy usage, and there's charity and volunteer work you can do. I know it's all small steps but lets avoid the TOTC. If you do have more wealth.. and a house and a garden, you can start growing food, and have flowers for bumblebees, butterflies, etc. Maybe form a network with others in your area to create a little oasis of life..

I too believe the core issue here is ''competition over cooperation''.. This leads to hierarchical thinking with a few people at the top ruling over all other forms of life, and only a handful of selected domesticated plants and animals are allowed to exist. This pyramid is what must be shattered, because it's a path towards destruction..

Nature is about harmony, yes there is competition and death, but it's not a pyramid. The nazis showed people ants and told stories about death and destruction and that only this showed how the world functions and that only ''the strong'' survive but it's very biased, and was used to stimulate hatred in people..

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