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Channelling Session 2

Oh great Lord, Creator and Destroyer of the Universe, Maheshwara, will you teach me today?

„I am Maheshwara. I will pass on my teachings to you today.”

- Great Lord, I was taught about the beginnings of the Universe by the Great Deva, Indra, yesterday. He taught me about your aspect as Rudra willing it into being, through movement, energy and great force of will. Can you talk to me about what it was like before creation happened, what existed then and why you decided to create something out of nothing?

„ My dear devotee, your questions go to the very heart of the mysteries of the Universe. They are hard to fathom for any created being, let alone for a three-dimensional creature such as yourself. However, I will attempt to explain it in your simple words.

In the beginning, there was Brahman. The great sages of old always described it in negatives, because it is easier to say what it isn’t, than what it is. I will describe it to you as great, infinite potentiality. It is the stuff everything is made of, but it is unmanifest, unmoving, without a beginning or end. Yet, it is also intelligent. A small part of Brahman wanted to manifest, to see, to feel, to hear, to experience a limited version of the Infinite. That was me as Rudra. I stirred from my eternal slumber and decided to be. I came out of the great, unceasing unknown, the One Infinite and became the Creator. In that aspect, I was called Brahma. Then to ensure my creation did not collapse unto itself and become unmanifest again, I became Vishnu. By becoming Vishnu, I created Love, which sustains the Universe. In the end, I will return to my original form and destroy this manifestation. But, it will not be for naught, since all the souls that individuated in this creation will return to Source, the Infinite Brahman, with the knowledge learnt and experiences gained throughout the billions of years of this manifestation. We are all Brahman, but we individuated for a short while to learn, grow and enrich universal consciousness. A few billion years is nothing in the course of an eternity, since time only exists in creation. The Brahman knows no time or space, it is beyond such concepts. „

- Oh Great Lord, thank you for your teaching. Can you explain to me how Shakti came into being and where she fits into the great scheme of things?

„ I am Shakti in my female form. As Shiva I am male and female at the same time. But, by separating myself from Brahman, I created duality. One part of me became male, the other female. My female part is the one that creates this universe and sustains it as a mother would. Shakti is my creative essence and very dear to me. I have also placed Shakti in every living thing, both as the coiled serpent, as DNA and the coiled Serpent, as Kundalini. Both serve the purpose to enable you to reunite with me and to return to Source eventually. „

- Maheshwara, what practices should one follow to raise Shakti to the Sahasrara and thus reunite with you?

„ No practices, austerities or sacrifices are necessary. Though a lot of devotees suffer on this path, it is due to their own ignorance and past Karma. Shakti as Kundalini will rise to the Sahasrara naturally, if you let her. All you need to do is surrender to the power of Shakti or any of her forms as the Goddess and she will rise in you without difficulty or delay. Once you realise who she really is and that she is truly present in every cell of your body, you will become filled with light and will become a drinker of Soma. The thousand-petalled lotus at the top of your head will become your real, spiritual mouth. You will eat and drink of the Soma and you will speak to the Devas that are in heaven. That is my teaching. „

- Thank you Great Lord for your teaching today, I look forward to our next meeting.

Om Nama Shivaya
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