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Originally Posted by happy soul
A Course in Miracles and other channeled sources teach that we're all innocent in God's eyes. NO ONE is guilty.

To know yourself as innocent, repeat this affirmation a few times a day (be sure to include others, as that will reinforce the truth): 'I am guilty of nothing. Mark is guilty of nothing. Ashley is guilty of nothing. Donald Trump is guilty of nothing.'

You might want to include in the affirmation people who seem 'evil' such as Adolf Hitler. That will deepen your faith and conviction.

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It does NOT mean ...... ego is not guilty!!! Ego distorts this teaching and twists it into another disturbing illusion ~ Best to Work the entire Course UNTIL you are GIFTED GRACE Consciousness ....... only after will you understand it correctly without ego interference and twisting it into Untruth ~

I DID NOT EVER HEAR OF A Course In Miracles UNTIL after a brush with death and a gifting of GRACE AFTER i freely chose to FORGIVE ALL including myself in the midst of ALL BETRAYALS surfacing as a FIRE STORM all in One Dammed Hour! The SHIFT from World-ego-identity to GRACE Consciousness was Uphoric and Ecstatic to say the least ....... but also de-stabilizing , and i was led to many Great Works after that to better understand what had happened! So A Course In Miracles made 100% complete sense to me ....... as it already had been lived! Most who study ACIM ...... make the same error ...... they try to understand it , and turn it into a memory thing , which makes it just another twisted religion like thing. DO ACIM ...... Do not think it! It is trying to HELP you put your mind back in its proper place as SERVANT to your own Consciousness and also OPEN a DIRECT DIVINE COMMUNION which is the POTENTIAL in ALL but REALIZED in but a few ~
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