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Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
I love it...keep sharing anything you want! I never hesitate saying, from clear, vivid remembrances -
that oh yeah, there are past lives, alright!!

But, without experiencing them - I 'get' the doubting from others.

according to my intuition i sent everything to france. this is hard to tell the date. but from either having done so during ww2 against the will of the nazis or refusing to retrieve them at that time resulted in the physical removal of my eyeballs and according to my girlfriend pineal gland. this has come up a number of times intuitvely and i mean very clear with a strong response when intuitvely asked or from it coming to me on its own. so this is the center piece or the thing im noticing and the only main obstruction im noticing at this time.

the fear of the expereince has resulted in a kink in my system in the third eye. im very proud to say im coming along in the clearing. i no longer get physicaly sick feeling when im working on it hard. and today for example i spent three hours straight in meditation right on it without much repucussions. i really feel im coming along. where as even a few months ago didn't seem as much. like i have the wind on my back now.

my guidance that seemed of most power called themselves the original jews and i think it could be this experience that im working on that was the bond between them and i. they have my back unlike anything i could of imagined. and i am by no means a study of jewish or christian traditions.

whats becoming interesting. is what are these items? when i could of possibly had it come to me i didnt even want to know. i was to upset of what happend to me to want to know. im at a point now im gaining a curiosity.
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