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Results from calculating Lifetime Year cards which determine 10 year cycles.

Seeing as I'm pretty old now ... I couldn't remember the earlier events, so I've just listed what I can accurately remember.

1975 - 15 years old - moved to Tasmania
1984 - 24 years old - moved in with first husband
1993 - 33 years old - moved in with second husband
2001 - 51 years old - stopped work in city and started part-time business
2020 - 60 years old - who knows? It's too early to tell, though I am selling up again and moving out on my own, as my son and his girlfriend are leaving next weekend. Unfortunately the plans we had didn't work out.

I'm not doing the next exercise about what year these 10 year cycles began, because quite frankly, I don't remember the details of when, though most of them started the year before.

Hopefully I understood the exercise and did it correctly. I found it a bit confusing and time consuming to be honest and I'm not sure I got that much out of it.
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