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Originally Posted by running
if i was to believe my awakening process. for me 90% of the development was by going into trance and recalling my past to go through the experience and release it.
when i did during and after the emotional release i would become overwhelmed in great joy. until i got stuck in that joy. then i figured i should stop. so i did. also if i was to believe those whom have read me which is a lot sense my girlfriend is a psychic and teaches so her friends or many are as well.
my past is lifetimes of war and survival. it seemed like my connection to god came from living close to death.

just sharing some more since it is of the topic in ways. and im not suggesting past lifes are real or not. i dont know? im just explaining my awakening process as a speculation.
for a variety of reasons i hesitate to mention my awakening process of potential memories. cause of course im thankful to live a life without such going on.
I love it...keep sharing anything you want! I never hesitate saying, from clear, vivid remembrances -
that oh yeah, there are past lives, alright!!

But, without experiencing them - I 'get' the doubting from others.

"Prepare yourself for the coming astral journey of death by riding daily in a balloon of divine perception.
Through delusion you are perceiving yourself as a bundle of flesh and bones...Meditate unceasingly,
that you quickly behold yourself as the Infinite Essence"
~~Lahiri Mahasaya, the guru of Yogananda's guru

I have no scientific evidence for anything I say.
Better to PM me if you want me to see a post to me. I miss a lot.

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