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Originally Posted by God-Like

Something similar to what I touched upon in another thread .. When we speak about 'reality' and how it is, we can for the majority of us make sense of it by using our senses like you have said ..

There are teachings around i am sure that speak about the senses that are limited and don't give a true reflection of what is (perhaps in certain contexts that is true) I mean if our visible range is only a few percent of the total spectrum then we are not getting the most accurate perception of reality but you don't need to see the cellular structure of the body to feel that you have a headache or you don't need to see the cellular makeup of a tree to know that it is there in some capacity as something that can be seen as such .

To then feel the texture of it's bark and leaves and taste the fruits and nuts that it bears so perhaps in one respect it doesn't pay any dividends to see the tree as a hologram or a fusion of light particles and empty space to know that the tree bears fruit lol .

What happens as we all know is that peeps can say that the physicality is illusory based upon a deeper level of perceiving and being, but there is beyond the light and beyond the empty space so does that mean that even the light particle holographic appearance is illusory then?

We could keep on going and going further down the infinite line of comparisons here until there is nothing present, not even empty space lol ..

As I see it peeps who swear blind to the illusory appearance of a banana not being a banana still eat one because of the properties it holds regardless .

So it's one thing to suggest things as they are not and another living life as if they are ..

If it's not a banana and if the mind body is illusory and not really physical or real at all then simply don't eat lol ..

See how the illusory body feels without adequate sustenance over a long period of time ..

But alas hardcore maya dudes would say that the sufferings endured are illusory also and no-one really suffers .. but you won't get many choose to suffer and not nourish the body even though their belief system passes it all off as not being as it seems to be ..

x daz x


I don't think or feel that teachings and perspectives change what is manifested with in the physical formations.

For example; a banana is just a banana as it is created/formed to be. What I may think of it does not alter the banana, just perhaps my perspective of it.

Take the OP inquiry ;Is there really no death? With in the experience of this physical world there is. I have experienced having loved ones pass away. Thier memories live on in my mind and through stories told. The love remains in my heart, but they are not here in the physical for me to hold and share experiences here with.

So in one way there is death and in another way there is not. It is both while experiencing this physical life. Do most look at it this way? Or it has to be one way or the other?

Can Spirit experience the physical sensation when in its purest form? If not, then perhaps that is what it does through life here. If so, then may question what is this life all about.

You see how convoluted and confusing it can become if over thought about? Just what I am considering and the question is not directed at what you present.

So, take such things as murder being moral or not. Who determines this? Is it humans in experiencing this physical life and desiring some sort of order and what values/honor is placed on what? Does God/Source give a hoot about it?

I don't condone murder. It is immoral to me. When another life is taken for no other purpose then to take that life. To not honor life. The impact this act upon family, ones feeling secure, and the suffering caused.

Others may say in what context is it being viewed and for what purpose? Is it done to protect the many.

So it gets complicated. Human interactions can make it complicated, IMO.

Does what is thought about such things as murder and death change God or us?

Understand what I'm attempting to point out? These are just my reflections upon these matters.

Thinking changes the outlook, but what happens, happens. How it may be dealt with or adjusted to seems up to the individual. What something is being, is just being. It is for me, what I can become aware of better so that I can be inspired and empowered to use the gifts given to me in order to better relate and interact not only with myself, but others as well.

What is beneficial and what is not, sort of thing.

As far as how one may express his/her view upon life here, again ask in what context is it being expressed? Is it expressing feelings/ ideas /consideration or what is actually being experienced?

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