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hazada guess . . .

You’re heading in the right direction. The outer / physical body would be “lower” than any of the inner facets of emotions, memory, mental, and etheric. Looking “inside” for answers and / or guidance is a battle that takes a long time to win . . . meaning lifetimes. Most simply try to control what is outside them by will power and preference. Certainly . . . in a sense . . . these are from a “higher self” . . . and you should continue to explore, pursue, and accept such guidance until you prove otherwise to yourself.

For the vast majority of the masses . . . the “voice” that you hear is the voice of the mental self. We have been taught, trained, and studied in the mental approach to our outer world. There’s nothing wrong with that . . . as long as it works for you. The mind was given to Soul to observe what is around It (Soul) and to make decisions concerning those ongoing perceptions.

Mind is a creature of habit . . . pure and simple. Most people are collectors and hoarders . . . gathering data and squirreling it away to use later. To the mind . . . data IS gold. Again . . . use it as long as it works for you. Everyone else does . . . and you can see where it leads by observing the behavior and patterns of others. There’s nothing wrong with using the mind to keep oneself safe, secure, and comfortable.

Eventually . . . there will be the urge to go beyond mind . . . and you can also see where that leads. The mind will create its own “world” to protect itself and its habitual beliefs . . . whether they are beneficial or detrimental. Mind can be taught to prefer the detrimental as well as the beneficial.

Remember . . . that mind is not Soul . . . and Soul is not mind. To Soul . . . mind is an “outer” facet. Soul does not use the mental approach to understand what is around It when traveling beyond the mind worlds. That is NOT to say that Soul does not use mind . . . as mind is the most powerful “tool” given to Soul in these worlds.

To truly set about drawing a working distinction between mind and Soul is the walking of the far reaches of the Path. Many claim to be doing so . . . few realize that they are not. This leads to MANY battles . . . as mind claims to be beyond itself when it is not. Many of the popular Eastern religions and philosophies are in this same boat.

Such is the nature of the Path. Mind does not and cannot “come along” with Soul as Soul ventures beyond the mind.

Something to remember . . . it is easier to fool a person than to later convince them they have been fooled. Such is the protective nature of a learned mental preference.

Enough said.

On we go.
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