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Sounds like a good workout, Lucky. I always liked the idea of the cross trainer, but couldn't take to it when I finally tried it in the gym. I couldn't get a rhythm going and felt 'clunky'. Perhaps I just needed more time to adjust to using it. I have read that the stationary bike is superior when targeting the quads and hamstrings, particularly with increased resistance. Mind you, I've read a lot of things. The cross trainer is no doubt superior when it comes to a full body workout and cardio. Opting for it has definitely crossed my mind, but I'll probably still opt for a bike as it feels right at least at this time. Still not sure whether to go for spin or upright, though. Probably upright. I'm hoping to be able to use weights for the upper body workout but that depends on other factors. I'm very much rehabbing my whole body, which became neglected after picking up numerous injuries in sports - in that sense the cross trainer does make sense! Back and forth I go.
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