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Sounds like you have the attention of a grey or demon/angel. Dealing with such a thing is something that can be very difficult. I have a lot of experience dealing with this sort of thing personally but I guess what I found works for me works for me not everyone. It won't be forever. Greys are in the process of complete eviction from Earth, never to encounter another human again. We've made a lot of progress in a short amount of time. We will be free of them someday. One thing I was thinking about today is how everything contributes. Even if we are looking at problems that won't go away in an agreeable time frame we can still contribute to things one way or another. Globally our spiritual and social evolution happens within all of us and what we experience and how we react adds to it. You are not alone and maybe a way to look at it is you are alive at this special time in Earth's history and you get to add your voice to our common issues. Even if our issues persist we can still add a brick to the road that goes beyond these intrusions. All helps.
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