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Virus - now there a 'thing' - always on the attack... colds, sickness, headaches, in joints, etc etc etc

Our defence cells are good at destroying them, problem is viruses are good at hiding - I have researched this a lot, many tiny viruses can even invade our cells and mainly do so, hide in one of our own cells so it looks like a good cell.

Have a look on here - some scientists don't believe though in reply messages, what a surprise - nothing new there then...

I had a hip problem in 2017 it put me out of action for 6 weeks - I even had a message from my higher Self 'its infection' - but no one would believe me. So this winter when everyone else here were getting coughs and colds it got in my hip again, but this time just for a few days, I learned since to visualise mass defence cells moving in to the infected area and shifting it.

My theory.....

Cells have consciousness and make decisions - so I now communicate with my defence cells, and please don't tell me that's not possible on this forum.

When 'totally relaxed' - I use my mind to communicate with defence cells, and press using my finger on my body to show where the virus is - shift it please cells, get it moved... If you catch it quick, it moves it faster.

Visualise mass defence cells attacking the virus, and when they do using 'mind power' don't forget a little thank you cells, good job you shifted it. I don't fear/worry about virus attacking anymore now as I have a plan of defence - hope this advice/theory helps many others here. And if anyone here would like to pass this virus information on, feel free to do so.

So lets see if there is much interest, to keep this thread lively...

My quote... It feels so good to come out into the light from dark places - sometimes we just need a helping hand to find it though - it helps if you recite in your mind - 'lovely gorgeous beautiful light' - or similar to increase your energy vibration.
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