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@Spiritual Mike; Not sure how your post relates to mine (?). I was mentioning how ecology and ethics may be conflated, and increasingly they are (from my experience) conflated in environmental groups. Keeping chickens is a good example. I'm not sure what bears not being moral agents adds to that, you got me confused on that :S.

Originally Posted by 7luminaries
So in that regard, fish too should be local and/or wild caught, ideally, having been sourced in a sustainable manner. Due to pollution and overfishing, the fact is many fish-based cuisines will probably have to transition to consuming more meat in future. Wild caught fish which clean enough to eat are likely to be more of an occasional treat in many that there's still some left to sustain their (fish) population.

Peace & blessings

It will depend on the specific fish, sea region, and how it was caught. It's not as clear cut, and based on research I'll have to revisit my first post here, although, globally it's not looking great. Pangasius from Asia is really best avoided, as are most conventional fishing practices in the developing world. With mackerel, salmon, trout, and herring it will depend. Cod and tuna are endangered.
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