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Angel1 Hi!

Thank you for your reply!! I mean you are completely normal...that is what I wanted to say. I did not mean that you can "investigate" or do some "research" to get the details of your "3 death experience feeling". When I was reading a book by a past life practitioner, I read this story: When she was not very experienced, one day, she was so overwhelmed to find out that her client's multiple past lives were overlapping. So basically, this client died 1923 for example, but her another past life was starting 1913 and ending 1983, and the other was starting 1940 and ending 2010. This sort of thing is, she said, is normal, because of this multidimensional nature of being (or soul). I may still be missing your point, though. In that case, I am sorry...but when I read your comment, it reminded me of this story. Have a nice peaceful day!! I send you lots of love!!
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