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Originally Posted by No Mind
Sounds like a partial kundalini awakening coupled with psychotic and confused thought patterns. It can be triggered by stress and drug use (including alcohol and cannabis) but there needs to be a genetic predisposition for these kinds of things to get triggered. Psychosis is fairly common though, unfortunately.

This guy can relate, had the mood swings, heard also a false voice speaking to him speaking about "the devil", medication not working for him etc. He's doing better in the video. Click on the "cc"-button to see the subtitles.

And in this video, by Paul Hedderman, the dysfunctional thought patterns are described as a "demonic possession". He mentions it a couple of times in the video and says that the demonic voice is playing god and playing you too. For some reason he mentions also the smell of roses at some point (talk about a directed message I guess). Anyway, you're lucky to come across this message, although there needs to be the openness to hearing it. Otherwise it won't have any real effect.

And you're welcome.

Thank you for your help!
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