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Light from the sky at concert

I was at a concert about 8 years ago when we experienced something strange. This happened in the middle of the summer about 8pm at night. We were sitting in the lawn way in the back on the ground. The band was setting up and doing some sound check before the show. We felt this heavy deep bass sound that made the ground vibrate like crazy bass. It was from the sound check guys messing up. Right after it happened pretty much at the same time in the sky a light came down from the sky. This light was like a very lite light. It came down and you could see through it like it was a flashlight in a smokey room but very lite and not smokey. It came down it a funnel shape with sharp lines where it ended and stopped about 30 foot off the lawn area. It was maybe 30 feet wide at the bottom and went to a point towards the sky like a triangle of light. The light moved pretty slow down and once it was at the bottom it started to go back up. No helicopters or airplane or spot lights were out. Four other people saw it and came over to talk about it. They said did you see that!! We were all like that was awesome!

I really think it was checking on us to make sure everything was ok. Like it was viewing our channel for a second and said well just a concert move on. I do not know if it was a UFO but we did see the light from the sky. It did not move at all it just the light came down they went up. It was almost like the light was camouflaged while it did its thing. I am surprised more people did not see it at least a couple people did.

Thanks for reading!
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