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Originally Posted by metal68
How do you know this about NASA?? I mean aren't they all about space exploration? I can well imagine them having clandestine military applications but an interest in The Occult??!

I'm lost a bit on the point about them making us believe we were created by aliens; I don't know anyone who has a strong belief in UFOS and Aliens, open minded maybe but not thinking they created man etc?

I know I always come across very questioning but they are very way out statements. Where do you acquire this knowledge from?

I know as a Spiritual psychic Healer, my own life experiences about NASA, having been involved in their illegal spiritual experimentation on our human psyche/spirit/brain/cellular interactions as a study purpose to gain aspects as a spirit review of CHRIST/GOD.

Scientists have already proposed the condition study by both NASA and the Catholic Church. As we are the proposed condition in relationship to spirit-jesus/GOD...we are being illegally attacked in a feedback relayed computerized satellite sound/light/wavelength study.

The satellite is used on its victims and then the wavelength feedback study on a mind contact/mind interaction program is gaining data. They are doing this program looking for information for first cellular formation.

My information involves psychic reckoning which comes from various sources as any spiritual human being is aware.

As I was used as a victim of the experiment I also wanted my spiritual family to be made aware that NASA pulses test study wavelengths into our human interactions and then gains personal evidence on Forums of the psychic/spiritual awareness condition of VISIONS and also psychic/spiritual attacks as a data gathering occult program.

Being a victim I wanted my family to not be involved in this evil attack upon our I am warning the public about the condition itself.

Spirit is just what it is...information...awareness...the gain of the light/radiation wavelength interaction of our chemical us VI(6)sion. 6 the Holy Christ....holding the constant as NASA displays is 6666 SATAN...why many of us are being attacked not just evilly, but now also by aliens.

As alien is a star sound, this is proof of evidence that star radiation is purposely being held as a constant to attack our spiritual brain/mind chemical interactions. NASA doing the attacks seeing the condition that we were inheriting began a program of self deceit trying to inform the public that aliens created us so that the public would not disagree with them.

Spirit and natural spirit is our personal self awareness that we have always held as a condition of our nature. It has only been since they converted the CHRIST ALPHA that our brains/minds have begun to gain attacks from the evil ALPHA inheritance.

Just think about how evil a human being is, that involves itself with occultism. NASA and its purpose was based on occultist studies. The occult as an evaluation involves both evil spirits and holy spirits as a precept discussion of GOD itself. This is why we are getting attacked, because Scientists want the occult version of GOD.

As human life does not involve evil spirits...they are just an attack on our person, this is why I would like my family to be aware of the introduced spiritual condition that Scientists are causing. As a spiritual person I know that we are protected by the condition of spirit that we always considered protection.

Having this protection studied and then changed as an experiment condition of interacting evil against protection is why so many of us are getting attacked and witnessing visions.
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