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Originally Posted by wmsm
I was discussing spiritualism and why it was practiced.

I also informed the public that NASA is studying spiritualism trying to find our spirit relays for their own evil occult data program.

Their uninformed spiritual review tried to make us all believe that we were created by aliens and star systems. Therefore the human consciousness who does not believe in UFO and aliens is now being studied as if it implies that it belongs to a higher identification of spirit than those who believe in aliens.

I have been warning my family that NASA has been studying our brain chemical patterns/wavelengths whilst we have been channeling spiritual information and hence many of us began to get attacked.

How do you know this about NASA?? I mean aren't they all about space exploration? I can well imagine them having clandestine military applications but an interest in The Occult??!

I'm lost a bit on the point about them making us believe we were created by aliens; I don't know anyone who has a strong belief in UFOS and Aliens, open minded maybe but not thinking they created man etc?

I know I always come across very questioning but they are very way out statements. Where do you acquire this knowledge from?
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