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Spiritualism is a practice, not a lifestyle.

Any human with any belief or practice can be loving and we are all living.

Spiritualism is practiced for the circumstance of proof of spirit, which it has proven, and it is not practiced for the purpose of spiritual gain, although we might gain simply by virtue of self expression whilst we practice.

Spiritualism itself teaches like all spiritual precepts conditions that involve being a better self, yet also allowing public evidence of spirit presence in many different forms and in various types of informed states.

This was the reason why Spiritualism was practiced because religion became a law that no longer allowed for real spiritual circumstances to be self expressed. Religious law in the European teachings forbade spirit contact for several reasons.

1. was because of fear of deceased spirits, as the literature and also spiritual evidence demonstrated that evil spirits existed.
2. was because personal spiritual higher contact would prove that the religious teachings were in origin they were gained from actual spirit contact.

Spiritualism therefore has proven to religious falsification that their own model of spirit is incorrect and always was, for their own purpose was to have ownership of law and life as a controlled purpose for self.
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