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The emotional plane (Water) is very fluid, and it is mostly occupied with sensations similar to what we may have experienced emotionally here on earth. Sometimes the fluid is hard and sharp, and at other times flowing soft and freely; like the various manifestations of water. We may experience the disembodied sensations, or emotions, of others as well as our own disembodied emotions manifesting and dissipating in this environment. To transcend the emotional plane we must remain centered and detached.

The innermost plane (Fire) is that of pure spirit; an ecstatic realm of overwhelming light and unconditional love, incredible peace and intoxicating bliss; fulfillment beyond anything that could ever be described. It is beyond description, words, thoughts, and emotions, and cannot be known by the human mind. Love, compassion, humility, simplicity, kindness, and all of the other pure spiritual qualities pull us closer to our center and the realm of pure spirit.

Each plane, or realm, has various levels of livingness; like the physical plane has mineral life, plant life, insect life, animal life, etc., there are similar levels of livingness on each plane. On the mental plane we may call one level of livingness “intellectual,” or complicated, simplistic, etc., and there are different levels in the emotional and spiritual realms as well. Every state of mind is a state of being, and every emotional state is a state of being. The human mind is fraught with duality; pros and cons, compare and contrast, etc., yet that most fulfilling realm of spiritual oneness, removed from duality, can be experienced while we are still in human form here on earth.

What we experience now within a physical body we might also experience when we leave our physical human body. “What you have now you will have then,” etc. Although, there are guides, on every plane, that can help us on our journey; a journey that is very intimate, and therefore no one can really tell you what you will experience after human death because others do not know the mental and emotional states you have nurtured while here on Earth like you can. Those mental and emotional states are states of being. “Know Thyself” goes a lot deeper than just us knowing our personality.

I actually wrote some ten pages, so far, on this but only posted a reduced version here for those who do not like long posts; thus there is much more on this which I have written. It is part of a book that I am putting together; the third book which I have written. The first book which I wrote back in the 1980’s, was on “Inspiration,” my second book was on “Awareness,” and this third book will be on “Existence.” Having a very fulfilling retirement, I do this only to share insights. Peace.
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