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Demonic possession does not always happen to Catholics. It a world wide phenomena. It is just that Catholic priests are known for performing exorcisms. If you look at the before picture of Emily, you can see that she was not an abused child. No reports by the medical doctors or priest that she was seeing was made of her being abused by her is logical to conclude that she was not. And the term "epileptic psychosis" is not a real medical term. It was coined by the doctor during the trial. It's a non-existent condition which has not been confirmed by the American Medical Association. There was a medical doctor present during the excorcism, only he died in a car accident before he could testify in court. It is said that he was in favor of the demonic conclusion. Also, our judicial system is not perfect and people get accused of things they did not do all the time. It is true that epileptic seizures are traumatic, but Emily Rose herself confessed that she was possessed by demons.
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