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Originally Posted by Kisen
I went through an existential crisis which started my fear of death about 3 months ago. What got me through it was discovering topics such as spirituality (this site in particular) which lead me to explore other systems.

Shortly afterwards, I started meditation and it has helped me (and will continue to) to go through it. If you practice hard enough, you may gain insights if you have an open mind.

Fear of death is an important experience but it can be crippling if you let it dominate your life. For a couple of weeks I had become a nihilist, thanks in part to the current nihilistic mentality going on in society currently. However, something in me caused me to seek out information which led me to my current path.

As WabiSabi perfectly mentioned above me, distracting yourself is very counter-productive. I know a person about your age who has a hidden fear of death which leads me to constantly distract himself by purchasing a lot of things and working a lot.

Read Wabi's reply and if you require more information or more resources, I would be happy to help. Having your own experiences would help you tremendously.

You can also read Spirit Guide Sparrow's thread a few posts below your topic.

Hi Kizen, thank you for taking the time to respond to me, a stranger, that you did not need to address, but did, because you have a good heart. I am learning a lot by reading these posts. I learned a new word today. "nihilist" I've never heard of this word. I will reach out and try to discover more about this topic. Meditation is great advice. I need to remember to take the time to do so. I pray as much as I can. I think that making a schedule in my busy life to do these things will be beneficial. You are exactly right. I have made my life so overwhelmingly busy, I try to distract my thoughts from the root problem; thoughts of my own death. Believe it or not, just typing to you has helped me a lot release some of the burdens that I have been carrying.

I will also look for that spirtual post you were referring to. Best regards!
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