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Originally Posted by dream jo
had a dream
had 1 of thm dreams wear iwz it a rivr pickin up 5p 10 p cpins frm rivr iwz evn 20p coinss i wz
thn for sum reson it skipt bac 2 skool agan wear iwz snt 2 heds ofise i wz
but skool wzit bech it wz i saw sea pe;plee wathcn shps sail in blu sea i did in dream i did
thn hed giv me a shivl tld me id be goin 2 grav yrd 2 dig up thns pt thm coinss i tk frm rivr 2 burry thm coz i wz not suspt 2 pic thm coinss uo nxt day he tld me
but in dream i wnt be on snd sea wthcn shps sail in sea but in dream it skipt 2 nxt day wear i wz tk 2 grav yrd lk lst 1 wz grav yrds wooood its wz wear i had a shivl 2 dig up in asent prt of grav yrd lk vxtrn prt lk 1700s 2 1800s 1899 it flt lk in dream thn i wok up fealin dazd confsd

The river and the sea the water element in the dream is you following your feelings/ emotions and dreams .

The coins the earth element of the dream is your need to ground your self and get things together.

Going back to skool is when you were first mislead into thinking you were lacking something and the head sending you off to bury the coins is smbl of how they messed your head up.
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