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monny coinss in rivr

had a dream
had 1 of thm dreams wear iwz it a rivr pickin up 5p 10 p cpins frm rivr iwz evn 20p coinss i wz
thn for sum reson it skipt bac 2 skool agan wear iwz snt 2 heds ofise i wz
but skool wzit bech it wz i saw sea pe;plee wathcn shps sail in blu sea i did in dream i did
thn hed giv me a shivl tld me id be goin 2 grav yrd 2 dig up thns pt thm coinss i tk frm rivr 2 burry thm coz i wz not suspt 2 pic thm coinss uo nxt day he tld me
but in dream i wnt be on snd sea wthcn shps sail in sea but in dream it skipt 2 nxt day wear i wz tk 2 grav yrd lk lst 1 wz grav yrds wooood its wz wear i had a shivl 2 dig up in asent prt of grav yrd lk vxtrn prt lk 1700s 2 1800s 1899 it flt lk in dream thn i wok up fealin dazd confsd
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i dream dreams all dreams
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