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Originally Posted by linen53
It's all part of a process. If we were left to our own devices when we are toddlers, and not taught cleanliness there would be more childhood disease and death.

As our parents age and dementia sets in, we take the role of caretaker/parent and take care of them, keep them safe, clean and with a roof over their heads. We want quality of life for them as much as is possible. That's all. It's all done out of love.

To suggest that we just leave our aging parents to their now new rules of uncleanliness is just wrong, in my opinion. I know when my father in law died after battling Alzheimer's disease for 12 years he sent a wholehearted thank you to his son for taking such good care of him all those years that he was unable to himself.

Linen, I have one son, I do not want him to have to take care of me. I'll be doing everything possible to avoid this happening. I appreciate we all have different opinions and thank goodness for that.
I salute the Divinity in you.
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