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Originally Posted by Nature Grows
The Bermuda Triangle, what do you guys think it is? planes go missing, boats go missing, sometimes the boats are found but the people on board are gone? what do you think The Bermuda Triangle is?

I remember reading during college days of the Dragon's Triangle south of Japan and in the north-eastern part of Phillipine Sea.

The phenomenon taking place in the Dragon's Triange is quite similar to that in the Bermuda Triangle. And in both , methane hydrates have been used to explain any incidents taking place.

It is probable that interdimensional portals or wormholes exist in these places, which operates at certain times.

We only fear that which we lack knowledge of, and when science discovers eventually with precision what may be the issue along with the technology to control it and use it for human needs, all fear evaporates, and things become plain, simple and normal.
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