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Originally Posted by pre-dawn
This is not correct. Anybody can use the TFT techniques although it is more complex than EFT.
The British Thought Field Therapy Association can anything they want, I see no link or claim that they are a statutory body with enforcement rights.

pre-dawn and norseman...

You're right that this is not a regulation but was the original intention of Dr. Callahan who developed TFT.

Gary Craig provided the world with EFT - a more 'user-friendly' form - which has spread to millions of users and practitioners around the world, and has spurred the further development of other energy psychology methods. I venture to guess that through EFT's popularity it has also lead more therapists to learn the more formal method of TFT than would have otherwise.

As for the fees and licensing issue, this is for each individual to work out acording to their own state regulations... not a consideration for EFT or TFT per se. Most people learn it to use for themselves, their family members and friends... with great benefits and gratitude.


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