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When Eve ate the apple in the garden of Eden of the tree of conscience having knowledge of good and evil...( Eve was instructed not to eat from Jehovah himself in that if she did she would surely die)...In the garden of Eden they could have lived without death...And in doing so she started the ball rolling in that from then on they were subject to life and death as we are today...That act made them mortal beings...and subject to all the things mortal beings are subject to on this earth...They were taken from the garden and the entrance was closed and a double edged sword was placed at the entrance...If that had not happened we would know nothing about the tree of knowledge, or the tree of conscience, or knowledge of good and evil...Or the pathway back in to the spirit world...To enter back in at the front gate as we are designed to do...Its because she ate the apple that we now understand..Had that not happened we probably would not be here as we are today...having the knowledge we do.. concerning this... neemish
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