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Confessions of a Spirit - pieces to the puzzle (part 9)

I think its very possible this whole situation was planned over 6000 years ago by Jehovah himself...A beautiful plan to to create "enlightened beings" as to good and evil so they can become productive spiritual beings in the new world the big guy upstairs created for them...After my initial kundalini awakening 53 years ago i was put through an "automatic writing " sequence and sat down and this writing just started coming out of me for the first time and what was written was that one angel had taken another apart in the spirit world and there was no place there for them to live so a place was created for them on this planet and they became our Adam and Eve...And had Eve not eaten the apple she did from the tree of conscience..with knowledge of good and evil...none of this would have ever taken place...We would have no knowledge of the "tree of knowledge" in the way we do now...Neither of the "tree of conscience" or neither the kundalini pathway within us to teach us the difference and what we are really capable of and designed to do as spiritual beings...So seemingly one could consider this life here is one really big beautiful school to learn the difference...There is a ton of proof to support this along the way ...As far as eastern religions and cultures go there seems to be a female aspect to the kundalini process also...I believe she is referred to as the "goddes kundalini" and that she has a part to play in the kundalini process concerning knowledge of good and evil...Its even said that Satan himself must answer to her concerning his doings separating the good from the evil within would appear that it is his job to support the evil within separate the evil from the good within the hearts of beings...Not all hearts are of gold...Some are evil...A beautiful plan from the very beginning to provide spiritual beings with a free will and the knowledge of good and evil , to enhabit the spirit world...Who would have thought that the ending could be just as beautiful as well...At least for those his hearts of gold whom deserve it among the Jews and Gentiles...upon this planet...Moses wrote somewhere that there is a star in the universe called "kolob" and that the whole universe traveled around that star...and that each revolution counted as a thousand years on this planet...If so we have burned up almost 6000 years here already...I think its pretty safe to say that we are now in the end times...According to all that was written...and the things that are happening now...Even modern science and spiritual things are coming together...and starting to support each other...If you look at the science of DNA...There is only 12% of our DNA that is yet to be explored and understood...The biggest majority of beings in this science agree that this 12% contains things pertaining to spiritual things within us..They have even traced our DNA back to Eve herself...I believe Hitler tried to cut the blood line of David so the prophecy written in the Bible could not come true...I think he figured If he killed all the Jews to end the blood line of David he could start out a new generation of beings not subject to the prophecy of Jehovah...And change the destiny of the beings on this planet...He did not succeed and i don't think Jehovah is very happy with what he did at all...Im sure it affected his fate there in the spirit world somehow...There are many things going on around the planet today...One button pushed and poof a whole culture is gone...Since 1960 disasters on this planet have skyrocketed way beyond anything we have ever dreamed possible...look up the data yourself...I don't think the big guy upstairs is going to wait forever if everything he wrote is true...I also find it amazing the attempt being made to calcify the pineal gland among beings on this planet...A mass effort by many countries including the USA here...Apparentely there are those whom don't like the idea of beings understanding and accessing higher levels of consciousness...I think its safe to say that the pineal gland is directly connected to our spiritual side in that its somehow connected to the kundalini process within us all...It seems they are loading our bodys up with fluoride in our food and water supplies...even the toothpaste we use ...They know that fluoride gathers the metals in our body and stores them around the pineal gland causing it to calcify and no longer work...I find it extremely interesting that we are provided with another pathway in the end open chakras so that we can still experience gifts like the opening of the third eye...And gaining knowledge and understanding there of ...At least for his precious Jews and Gentiles..A spiritual path to follow as a guide for those who desire fulfillment of his promises here in the end times...A beautiful plan to separate his hearts of gold from others and keep his promise just like he said he was going to do..Written in his own words in the first three pages of revelations...i have put many pieces of this puzzle on the table for all to see ...And yet there are still more to come...Thank you all for taking the time to read my posts..I will continue to post more as i go along ...Everyone have a great day... neemish
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