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I know that its not an easy thing to deal with. We do all have our own ways that we process and then hopefully move on from the passing of someone. Its an individual process, and one we all will face in our lifetime that loss of someone close to us.

As for helping another honestly you can just be there to listen at times as it is them that has to do the work to move forwards with life. We can never do that for someone. We can just be there if needed.

I know that as a Medium as well there is no such ending as "death" in the sense that its all over and done, there is more but too I was raised not to see it that way. To attend a funeral and cry and be sad. The only death I cried over truly let it all out was the loss of my Dad. From that passing I realized there was more to existence. That to be sad served only to hold me back in life going forwards.

Its not an easy thing at times for others to adjust to that being sad holds us in that place of being lost almost. Too its not an easy topic to bring up that you sense the passed one around and I know well its best one not breached at times and just left to settle within yourself and your feelings.

I am sorry that so much loss has come to you and yours. There are times one never fully lets the sadness go, and at times maybe that is part of the path of exploration one is to walk in life. We never want a child to pass before the parents but sadly it does happen.

Be strong as I feel you truly are and know that contact is made even if we do not feel it come to us. We know internally things are OK and whole.

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