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Hi Marimar_197

I only used it for 4 days. I grounded myself first, imagining roots from the soles of my feet penetrating to the earths core wrapping themselves around a quartz crystal. Then I imagined any negative energy running from the crown of my head right down to the tips of my toes to flow out down the roots and pure energy to come back up through the roots filling my whole body.....then I protected myself. I held my pendulum and called for god to surround and protect me with love and light whilst imagining a white/gold light cocooning me with god standing behind me, hands on my shoulders whilst repeating, I am sealed, I am protected. Then I called 'upon the higher self to answer these questions. I seek only absolutely truthful answers, which are aligned with the highest and greatest good for all concerned. I ask that god and higher self surround and protect me during this process and any time I use a pendulum'.

Then I used my pendulum......but I was still tricked. I threw the pendulum away and because of this experience I won't be using one again, it's not for me. I'm just going to stick with meditation. I'm glad yours is going well. I wear an energy pendant and wonder if that made me more vulnerable. I'm also wondering if the good intent from the pendant has been stripped or soiled in some way now too.
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