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i was feeling pretty low. it was about a year after the death of my daughter and her boyfriend. they were killed in a car accident a year after my car accident. i was cursing heaven and everything there is. why did i live and not her. i was mad.

then on the loveseat i saw her and her boyfriend. the love seat has a reputation in out house. when i would come home from work and something had happened my children would sit on the loveseat together. i only had to find out which one did it and what happened. they always had each others back. well, on the loveseat was becky and tom. becky said "Tuesday" and they were gone.

hmmmm what the heaven does Tuesday mean??? life went on and Tuesdays came and went. i had even forgotten to pay attention to Tuesdays. then something happened. i was in the upstairs bedroom folding clothes. my son called to say he left his swipe card to get in the secured building in his pants pocket. i had just put that load in the dryer. i ran down two flights of stairs to rescue the plastic card before it melted. talking on the phone to my son as i went i suddenly yelled "FIRE". the dryer was on fire.

i put the fire out and my son rushed home to see what happened. i had gotten to it just in time. my son said. "mom, it is tuesday"

as always IMHO
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