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Originally Posted by rashmi
how do you identify energies surrounding you ? how do you diffrenciate whether it is higher energy or lower energy?


I've tried working with a few guides, or energies that may be potential guides etc via meditation- a very visual form of meditation.

People will tell you we all have guides, some will tell you we have one throughout our natural life, others will say we have two throughout our natural life a male and a female, some will say spirits energies are neither male or female but may appear this way etc.

The best way I know of to differentiate what is a high level energy or a low level energy is to use your own judgment, discernment, intuition, and discretion.

If it is helpful to you (the energy) it is helpful, if you do not feel fear or threatened and instead feel right about it, learn to trust yourself.

I have asked others about my guide and all I have received is it is "Male" and "I sense a low vibrational energy with your guide". Or I have not gotten many answers that do not hold prejudice.

I have decided, forget it. I am going to trust my own self and judgment on the energies I work with from now on.

If an energy as you call it, gives me fear or in any way appears to fool with me, trick with me, I have every faith that I will figure it out, I wasn't born yesterday, and I have every faith and confidence I will be able to deal with it if such instance does occur.

And I feel what will help you with discerning. Faith and confidence that you will be able to figure it out, and you will be able to handle it. That is what I feel is sorely needed with such things. When you are trying to communicate with other energies, do not go into the communication or the state with worry and fear in the first place, and you should be fine, and even if you do become afraid or worried. You will be fine regardless. You'll figure it out, and you will be able to deal with it.

How I have learned to discern is to trust myself. Whether I end up dealing with a higher frequency or lower frequency energy, I will survive it, and come out of it better for it, with faith and strength.

Hope you figure it out.

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Yours In Retrospect, The Universe.
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