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Slept with Apophyllite and had fever/chills or Kundalini experience?

I figured I could use some higher vibes since I have had a lot of pent up anger and frustration lately, so I chose apophyllite to sleep with last night.

I woke around 3am freezing and shaking, so I got up to get one of those heat wraps you put in the microwave and laid back down. I woke up a few times after that and dripping in sweat.

As I laid there I noticed very strange sensations up my spine, tingly and electric, literally like a chill up my spine from the base to my head. There was also a lot of pressure in my head but different from a headache. I am feeling totally fine otherwise, no sore throat or stomach ache...nothing.

Could it be the apophyllite that gave me this reaction?

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