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Originally Posted by Siemens
Okay. I didn’t read TerramineLightvoid's comments very carefully because I wasn’t interested in discussing with him. Which sentence that I wrote do you think is erroneous?

It might be true that atheism isn’t a religion in the actual sense of the word if you define religion as belief regarding something supernatural. But it is undeniably true that atheism is a dogmatic belief system. I said atheism is a religion because atheism is a dogmatic belief system:
- Atheists believe without any prove that human consciousness is created by the human brain (because they deny the possibility of the existence of a soul).
- Atheists believe without any prove that we all developed through biological evolution (natural selection) because they deny the possibility of spiritual forms of evolution.
- Atheists believe without any prove that the whole universe is made up of substantial matter (atoms) although the material universe could also be a virtual simulation we use to make experiences.

So atheists do positively believe in things that are unproven, dogmaitc and arbitrary – therefore I call atheism “religion” = dogmatic belief system.

I didn’t read all TerramineLightviod wrote because I discussed this topic many years. And I think I’m not in charge to give people that are at a very low spiritual level private lessons.
He should believe what he wants. I'm not interested in it.


I’ve problems with the term “ to respect” someone’s beliefs. What does to respect others beliefs actually mean? I think they are wrong but I accept your right of being wrong?

So you respect others beliefs as long as they do not cause harm to anyone?

Please read the quote I gave from TerramineLightviod
How many times does an angel fall.

How many people lie instead of talking tall.

quote David Bowie Black Star.
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